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New Women Collection of bags, special handmade models, backpacks, purses and baskets for day to day life and travel. This No Store Collection of women bags comes with a variety of shapes, models, sizes and styles for different occasions, ceremonies, parties. You just name it. Just find which type is right for you: hobo, clutch, tote, bucket, shopper, satchel, messenger, barrel, etc. Follow the chic style trend and check all the items available for shopping here at your favourite online store.

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Distressed Leather Bag With Vintage Look
Distressed Leather Bag With Vintage Look
  • From €195.00
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Distressed Leather Bag With Vintage Look


  • €195.00

Leather Bag With Distressed Vintage Look A distressed leather tote bag, commonly known as a shopper’s bag for women who are always on the go. This Vintage Look bag has two straps for practical transport and at the same time, delivers a classy.

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